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Yesterday in the news and on many social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it was released that a 40 year old man was posing as a 25 year old woman, and was luring children in over social media.  Beyond scary.

Seconds Save Lives First Aid & Safety Training posted the first bit of information released on our Facebook Page and within 10 hours, this post was viewed from our page over 1000 times.  So, this certainly shows how this story is so very close to home to many of us.

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Last night, as I was leaving Michael's craft store at about 8:40pm, I saw a little girl, who looked sad, cold and shaken up, walking aimlessly in the parking lot all alone.  I asked her, are you OK?  She spoke French, and in her broken English she said no. 

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As a mom of three children, right now aged 12, 10 and 6, I am right in the thick of teaching them right from wrong, good versus bad and safety versus fear.  I am learning how this whole parenting thing works, as my husband and I make mistakes, the kids make mistakes, and we learn from these mistakes.   As a result, we become better equipped for each situation as they arise or they reoccur.

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The question that I am asked every day at work, by multiple parents and children, is “How old do children have to be, to be left home alone?”  In class, I always start by asking the students what they think.  They usually have a wide range of answers, based on what they have ‘heard’, or on what they think.  I get answers from as young as, 7 years old, up to 18 years old.  They can have some pretty comical reasoning behind their answers. 

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When we were kids there really was not a lot of information or concern for allergies.  As the years have passed, we are now seeing a huge amount of children and adults who are faced with life threatening allergies.  We have kids in our kids classes, children who come to our children's birthday parties and there are kids in our kids extra curricular activities who have life threatening allergies.

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A Door can be a Lifesaver or a Danger... how will you teach your kids to respect a door?

A simple door can be used in both positive and negative ways.

The most common reason we talk to our kids about a door, is to teach them about the doors to our homes.  We teach them to not answer the door to strangers, and to keep the door locked at all times.  We make sure that they have their key hidden in a safe place and how to use this key on the door. 

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We all want our children to understand stranger danger.  We want to teach them the skills to walk home from school, stay home alone and even go to a public place by themselves, when the time is right.  We want to know our children will know what to do and how to stay safe when they are out in the world on their own.

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When I was growing up, there wasn't really too much talk about bullying, or bullies in general.  Most kids knew who the mean kid was,

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"Great work Dana on running your courses.  The correspondence with you while trying to accommodate all 6 girls to attend the course was fantastic!  I really appreciate your time and answers to all of my many questions!  This is so new to me but, I know I will get used to my little girl growing up and staying at home alone. "

Trish, Midland, ON